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Commercial Pilot Licenses

This is the second step or the major step which officially qualifies you to fly as a professional pilot and gives you monetary rewards. Our course includes extensive ground school studies and fine tuning of flying skills to make you a professional pilot.

Private Pilot Licenses

We help you take the first leap in the aviation industry which would eventually help you become an expert commercial pilot in the long run. This license also gives you the opportunity to take your friends and family on scenic flights.

Multi Engine Rating

The multi engine rating takes the flying experience to a different level. With this skill, pilots can eventually undergo type rating for aircrafts with larger carrying capacities. This training is conducted by the best aviation industry experts.

Instrument Rating

The instrument rating training is conducted by highly skilled and experienced trainers. The trainers have extensive airlines experience and teach from their real life experiences. The training experience would be simply incomparable to any other course.

Recreational Pilot Permit

This program is solely dedicated for hobby fliers who take passion in flying. Recreational pilot permit would allow you to take your first recreational flight on a chartered place and navigate areas which cannot be negotiated through the air or land.


There are multiple flying packages available for the customers which can cover up to 200 hours of flying and the costs start from CAD$ 47,995. The packages are designed to suit the preferences and choices of the flying enthusiasts and their budget.

Training Management System

Powered by Talon Systems, LLC

BlueBird Inc. uses 'Talon Systems’ Education and Training Administration (ETA) web-based software. ETA is a robust training management system that keeps electronic training records, provides operational functionality, and management reports. The system allows BlueBird Inc. to focus on training and continually improve its training methods and processes.

Termux Tools 

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30 Nov

Termux is an Android terminal emulator that is also a Linux environment. This app can be run instantly without requiring rooting on an Android smartphone first. So it's pretty easy, just plug and play.

Mission & Vision

What we believe...
  • Safety above and before all.
  • Excellent training above all real world expectations.
  • High Quality training under a joyous environment.
  • Increase Opportunities for employee growth and achievement.
  • Respecting and Being Responsible for Employees, Students and the Community.
  • To implement discipline towards training, distribute high value and work ethic to prepare them for the Aviation World.