Recreational Pilot Permit - Aeroplane

For Hobby Flyers...

Special Summer Offer

  • No Enrollment Fees
  • No Admin Fee
  • Pay per Hour (Pay as you fly)
  • No Hidden Charges

Perquisites & Limitations

  • Easy Upgrade to Private Pilot License
  • Joy Rides with friends and family
  • Able to fly a non-high performance four seater plane with one passenger only
  • Flying in Daylight Hours Only (VFR)
  • Flights are limited to Canadian Airspace Only


  • Age : 16 Years and above
  • Medical : Cat 4, Cat 3 or Cat 1 by a Civil Aviation Medical Examiner

Transport Canada Recreational Pilot Minimum Requirements

A minimum total of 25 hours of flying experience including:

  • 15 hours dual training with Flight Instructor
  • 5 hours solo
  • # 20 Hours Ground School – Including instruction on Air Law, Meteorology, Navigation, and General Knowledge.
  • Transport Canada Written Exam - Recreational Pilot Permit Aeroplane
  • Transport Canada Flight Test
  • # Optional

Type: Full Time / Part Time

Duration: 1 month (Full Time)* / 3 months (Part Time)*

* The given duration is based on an average course completion rate. The training is done at students pace and progress.

Course Expense

The hours used to calculate the course expense are not based on Transport Canada minimums. They are calculated according to realisitic training time required by student to obtain their License.

NOTE: These prices do not include applicable taxes & fuel surcharges. All prices are in Canadian Dollars ($CAD).

For Pay-As-You-Go Students

Particulars Rate Price
20 Hours on Cessna 152 - Dual Training $195.00/hr $3,900.00
5 Hours on Cessna 152 - Solo Training $135.00/hr $675.00
# Ground School - 20 Hours $200.00 $200.00
5 Hours Ground Breifing $60.00/hr $300.00
Total Fees (in CAD$) $5,075.00

Incidental Fees

Particulars   Price
Pre-Solo Test of Air Regulations and ROC   $100.00
Transport Canada Written Exam - RPP (Aeroplane)   $150.00
Flight Test Examiner Fee   $300.00
Transport Canada Licensing + AP Fee   $200.00
Total Fees (in CAD$) $5,825.00

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